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Simplilearn’s PGP Cloud Computing showing any prospective employer that you have all of the tools and knowledge needed to do the job. This table compares various cloud computing programs offered by Simplilearn, based on several key features and details. The table provides an overview of the courses’ duration, skills you will learn, additional benefits, among other important factors, to help you make an informed decision about which course best suits your needs. Knowing a proper coding language integrates one’s skills as a cloud engineer.

“Most certifications from cloud vendors have a timeframe during which they are valid and you will need to retake the certifications periodically,” Wheeler adds. Scott Wheeler, cloud practice lead at Asperitas Consulting, says there are two major paths in becoming a cloud engineer. Over 3,000 companies and 40% of developers worldwide use HackerRank to hire tech talent and sharpen their skills.

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Ambitious cloud engineers can move into architect positions where the scope of the responsibility is larger. You’ll tackle how multiple applications will operate in a cloud environment or address the ways an entire company will secure its cloud against internal and external threat. “Ten years ago, there were far fewer services in the cloud, but they were changing at a tremendous pace,” Wheeler says. A certification can be useful in building up technical skills and showing employers that you have a baseline of knowledge in the cloud space. If you’re new to the cloud space, try a foundational certification—like the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Cloud computing is also a field that is expected to grow in the next decade as the UK continues to adopt cloud technology.

  • In some cases, a cloud engineer is often confused with a software engineer.
  • The cloud engineer has a ton of responsibility to play in the organization.
  • In 2020, there were 775,022 cloud computing jobs posted, up 94% from 400,500 jobs posted just three years earlier.
  • This tech skills platform offers a range of different structured learning options, but is focuses on cloud and developer skills.

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience. With some experience under their belt, a cloud engineer often faces a crossroads in their career having to choose between two paths. As such, they need to be able to manage their time and resources effectively. They should also have experience with project management tools like Jira and Trello. This includes tasks such as adding and removing users, setting up permissions, and managing security best practices once the cloud has been developed.

Cloud Engineer Career Path: Practice (and Training) Make Perfect

The concept of cloud technology has been extremely ubiquitous since the commencement of the pandemic. Cloud-based technology is used daily, be it for music streaming or using an online email platform. aws cloud engineer Even backing up phone pictures via the internet is a fine example of cloud storage. The cloud engineer roles provide software updates on-demand to perform seamless data storage and backup.

10 Highest-Paying IT Certifications In US – India Today

10 Highest-Paying IT Certifications In US.

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For example, cloud network engineers provide support for corporate cloud-based networks, while cloud support engineers typically fulfill programming and risk management services. By contrast, cloud software engineers spend the majority of their time creating and updating specific cloud-based software systems that clients request. Cloud computing is a huge spectrum that consists of a ton of job opportunities. There are a plethora of job opportunities that come with cloud computing courses and help you to gain immense success in life. One of the finest examples of cloud engineer roles and responsibilities is maintaining cloud servers.


Cloud engineering is focused on the technical aspects of building and maintaining cloud infrastructure, while cloud architecture focuses on the design of cloud systems. According to Northeastern University’s website,, a graduate certificate can boost a person’s earnings by an average of 25%. If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, you may be able to land an entry-level cloud engineering position. If you’re new to the cloud space, try a foundational certification—like the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900. IT jobs that can have cloud-related tasks include systems engineer, network engineer, and database administrator. If you’re already in an IT role, keep an eye out for opportunities to grow in these areas.

Many professionals work their way up to cloud engineering and beyond by gaining the necessary skills and experience. The next step to become a cloud security engineer is to gain experience in the field. You may begin in an entry-level position as an information security analyst or security officer. According to Glassdoor, you’ll need an average of five to seven years of experience with cloud computing or security to start working as a security engineer [2].

Once you have the necessary training, it’s time to start building your experience. For use by individuals or whole teams, Cloud Academy allows you to map out your learning pathway based on where you want to be by the end. Cloud training options include AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. There are many ways to do this, such as taking online courses or attending conferences. Let’s take a brief look through some of the average salaries you can expect to earn there in 2023. Just like many developer salaries, the pay-check for this position depends on many factors, such as experience, education, and location.

  • Mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving skills are a must in any technical role.
  • They also help in analyzing the infrastructure vulnerability of the cloud server and save it from any kind of external attacks.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or adding another certification, AWS can help you effectively validate your cloud expertise.
  • A cloud engineer job role focuses on debugging and deploying cloud-native apps and storage.
  • If you’re looking to become a cloud developer, you’ll need to have strong coding skills and be proficient in various programming languages.

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